Feminizing Hypnosis: Become a Woman Inside and Out

Are you a biological male who desperately wants to become a woman? Or you just simply had enough of cross dressing- the thick make up, the woman’s dress, fake bras, etc. Do you want total transformation, not only on the outside but on the inside as well? Then feminizing hypnosis is right for you.

There may be other ways and procedures of becoming feminine like surgery, herbal remedies, or hormonal therapy. But each has its own shortcoming and side effects, not to mention the great expense as far as surgery is concerned. And, unlike surgery, there is no recovery period for hypnosis. They only change your physical appearance whereas hypnosis gives you a total transformation. And that transformation becomes all the more complete because it comes from the inside.

Exactly what is feminizing hypnosis? It is a form of hypnotherapy that uses hypnosis and puts a male person into a hypnotic state where suggestions are reinforced into his subconscious suggesting he is a female. For somebody undergoing the procedure, it may even come to a point where he can feel an actual physical transformation into a female. Your mind has control over your body. It is this principle that hypnosis wants to put to good use.

Feminizing hypnosis has two main alternatives. You may choose self-hypnosis or use the services of hypnotherapy professionals. Whatever option you may choose, make sure it is authentic or one that has good referrals.

Hypnosis may not be able to make your physical body develop a woman-sized breast, or have a loss of facial hair, but still it can help you develop your personality into a woman faster. Not just in the way a woman dresses, or the way a woman sways her hips but to become more feminine in every sense of the word. Your feminine look becomes more enhanced as your femininity comes from within. What’s more, you can have total control of the procedure as you will be the one to determine the duration and the level of feminization you would like to undergo.

There are mainly two changes that feminizing hypnosis can give you. One, it can facilitate changes in behavior. These changes allow transformation into a more feminine person with accentuation of traits and behavior more characteristic of women. Traits like being more sensitive, more attentive and caring, and generally more mellow. Two, physical change is gained through hypnosis. This results when the hypnosis procedure is done effectively resulting in stimulation of your hormones to become more feminine. You will have finer hair, softer skin, and your voice will have a higher but softer pitch.

When feminizing hypnosis succeeds, you would not only have behavioral change but also physical transformation. And when this occurs, you would be proud of your body and personality which you transformed the natural way. You can do away with wearing heavier make up. You will have confidence. You will have poise. You will have a feminine aura. You will have a new, totally feminine you inside as well as outside.

Latoyia Bugtong

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