How To Attract Girls With Facial Expressions

Body language is really important in learning how to attract girls, and facial expression is a big part of it. If you don’t go through acting or theater training, chances are you’ve never learned how to use your face. I see lots of guys out there delivering funny lines but they don’t work because their face isn’t saying it too. You can have the best line on the planet and it will get you nowhere if you don’t have the right facial expression. It’s all about delivery.

I recommend this for my students – go to Wikipedia and find the list they have of 20 emotions. Print this out, get in front of the mirror, and work on each of these emotions until you’ve got them down perfectly. It may sound odd to do this, but trust me, it works.

There was a quote I read once from a guy named Commander Zap that really sums it up. He said, ‘Don’t say anything with words that you can say with a look. Don’t say anything with a look that you can say with a wink. Don’t say anything with a wink you can say with a smile.’

The whole point is that you should use the bare minimum amount of communication to get your point across. That’s the essence of body language and it’s really powerful. If you have good body language, you’re taking a whole lot of noise out of whatever messages your words are delivering. Too much noise obscures the signal.

The key to using all body language effectively is to be straight and relaxed. You should look comfortable in your skin. Your facial expressions should go with what you’re saying. For example, when you say something funny, you should be smiling. Don’t listen to pick-up teachers who tell you to keep it dry and dead-pan. Use your facial expressions to communicate. That’s what they’re supposed to do.

Body language is one of the basics of day game along with touching, teasing and talking to strangers. If you have any weak points in any of these areas, you need to perfect them before you start learning pick-up artist techniques and tricks. Even the best lines and techniques aren’t going to get you anywhere if these basic fundamentals aren’t in place. You learn how to attract girls by starting at the very beginning and perfecting each step before you take the next one.

Latoyia Bugtong

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